"Genetic Clinic in the 21st Century"

Pamela H. Arn, MD

Division Chief, Pediatrics Genetics

Nemours Children's Clinic


"Newborn Screening in the Genomic Era"

Olaf A. Bodamer, M.D., Ph.D., FACMG, FAAP

Clinical Pathology Chief, Division of Clinical and Translational Genetics Medical Director

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


"The Clinical and Molecular Complexity of Split-hand/foot Malformation"

David B. Everman, MD

Associate Clinical Geneticist

Greenwood Genetic Center


"Rett Syndrome: Lessons from the Natural History Study"

Alan K. Percy, MD

Director, Clinical Neuroscience

University of Alabama at Birmingham


" MRI Manifestations of Genetic Disease"

S. Lane Rutledge, MD

Medical Director, Biochemical Laboratory

University of Alabama at Birmingham


"Diagnosing the Previously Undiagnosable through Genomic Medicine"

Carol J. Saunders, PhD

Clinical Director, Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine

Children's Mercy Hospital